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At the outset of the environmental assessment, the community stated that they would like to enhance the business and social interaction between Cornwall and Cornwall Island. The existing high level bridge is a barrier to such development. Many are of the opinion that the Akwesasne community would benefit greatly by the replacement of the structure with a low level crossing.



The Victor Diamond Mine environmental assessment (EA) covers a large range of events that a First Nation might experience as part of a large industrial project in its traditional territory, including: negotiations; creation of a memorandum of understanding; and public hearings.



Land use and occupancy studies, Aboriginal use studies and cultural heritage studies focus on spatial aspects of land use only, not on values, principles, strategies and non-physical aspects of TK (e.g. the spiritual component).

Species at Risk


By considering the environmental effects and mitigation measures early in the project planning cycle, environmental assessment can have many benefits, such as:

  • reducing project costs and delays;
  • ensuring better project design; and
  • increasing government accountability.
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